Take a closer look at how Crowdster’s online fundraising platform enables non-profits and their supporters to easily promote an upcoming fundraiser on social media.

These days, the pressure on both individuals and organizations to maintain a consistent social media presence can be overwhelming.  There are many different social media sites to stay on top of, and the number seems to keep growing.  With limited time and money, how can non-profits find the resources to effectively promote an upcoming fundraiser on social media?

Crowdster’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform solves this problem.  It integrates seamlessly with social media sites and enables you and your supporters to easily spread the word.  Your campaign or event site can be customized to include icons for social media sites of your choosing, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. When site visitors click on these icons, they see a sample post with campaign/event info and a link to the fundraising site.  They’re welcome, but not required, to personalize this post with some words of their own.  Then, with just the click of a button, your fundraiser is instantly broadcast to everyone in their networks!

Here’s an example:

Life’s WORC, a non-profit that supports individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, chose Crowdster’s platform for their golf and tennis fundraiser.  As shown below, their event’s home page includes a variety of social media icons.


LW golf event home page more SM icons


If site visitors want to promote this event among their Facebook friends, they would click on the Facebook icon, which takes them to the sample post below.  The post automatically includes an event image and title, as well as a link to the fundraising site.  The visitor can customize the text above the image and specify exactly where and with whom to share the post.  The final step is simply to click the “Post to Facebook” button.  It’s all as easy as 1-2-3!


LW golf event sample FB post


Here’s a sample Twitter post from the same site:


LW golf event sample Twitter post


The beauty of this marketing method is that non-profit staff members don’t have to do all of the work.  With the help of Crowdster’s platform, a non-profit’s supporters can spread the word on its behalf.  You’ll reach many more people without much more effort.  That should help you breathe a little easier!

Learn more about how Crowdster can help turn your fans into funds.

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