Why Use Event Management Software to Plan Your Next Event?

Are you planning an intimate reception or maybe an all-out throw down with hundreds of guests? No matter what type of gathering you are planning, event management software can work wonders to ease the burden of tasks and scheduling for event management professionals.  No more should you have to manually update spreadsheets and send hundreds of emails per day, let the software do most of the work so you can concentrate on ensuring the most success for your events.


Here’s our top 5 list on how event management software
can make your job easier:


  1. Most obviously, Manage Registration and RSVP’s- Upload a list of contacts and you’ve done most of the work already. With automated email marketing and social media tools, outreach and messaging is a snap. Using event management software, participants’ registration is tracked, recorded and paid for, without you having to do a thing! Now, isn’t that nice?
  2. Empower Fans to Spread the Word about Events- Using event management software that incorporates social media is a great way to convert your event attendees into promoters themselves. Encourage and support your network with the tools necessary to spread the word easily and efficiently. Above and beyond simple sharing buttons, access to email marketing tools and social sharing goals and incentives can really raise the bar in generating online activity in relation to your event.
  3. Social Media Aggregation and Analytics- When people are live tweeting at an event, you can be sure they want to see their tweets in real time on a big screen. Event information, such as the organizer’s twitter handle and designated event hashtag, can be incorporated throughout the planning process in a visible way through messaging. This can encourage more tweeting about your event or brand as people get excited.
  4. Hands-Off Email Automation- Once you designate and plan out your messaging strategy, event professionals can “set it and forget it” by setting up workflows.  Has your contact viewed the invitation but not yet registered? No problem! Prospective event attendees will be kept in the loop through set emails that will invite, excite and remind them about your upcoming event.
  5. Meaningful Analytics and ROI- Track and understand various indicators of success for your event and adjust your strategy as needed.  With information at your disposal in real time, you have the power to change a course that isn’t working for you or for your event.

Have you used event management software in a way that has changed the way you manage your events? We’d love to know! Leave us a comment below or send us a tweet @Crowdster.

 (Image Source: Fashion Week in New York City at Lincoln Center, Sam Aranov / Shutterstock.com)

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