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Social Media Strategy for Events: A Shifting Paradigm

Many organizations host live events. But are they equal in how effectively they promote the event through a social media strategy? The answer is an overwhelming “NO”!  For events to generate buzz before, during and after the event itself it is imperative to follow the guidelines outlined in this article.

Guidelines on Social Media Strategy for Events:

  1. It’s all about the Hashtag- Create hashtags months before the event to encourage social networking. Your event hashtag should be creative, concise and relevant. Try to select something that has “legs to walk on” and can possibly go viral. Include it on all event print materials, emails, event advertisements, brochures and agendas.
  2. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn ON your cell phones”- During the event itself, encourage people to live-tweet. Make it easier for attendees to tweet to your event with the hashtag, handle and speaker’s social information readily available on a large screen display behind speakers.
  3. One Minute of Social Fame- Nothing encourages social posting more than screen aggregating live-tweets. Display all content related to a specific hashtag for instant engagement.

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