66% of respondents said that their audience expects mobile event apps.


At IMEX America last week, IMEX and Quick Mobile, in partnership with the Corporate Event Marketing Association, presented the second part of their annual mobile event apps research.  The research began in April, and involved surveying international meeting planners and looked at the role of mobile apps for events as they relate to marketing and planning.  Research continued in September, in partnership with CEMA and their more than 600 members.  This research was presented at IMEX America, an event that boasted over 10,000 total attendees.

“There has been a glut of research on event tech since we launched our first round in April 2014” – Patrick Payne, CEO of QuickMobile

Notable Findings: Mobile Event App Usage by Event Marketers:

  • 66% of respondents said that their event audience expects an app.  This was broken down into 80% of CEMA survey respondents and 63% of respondents from the first part of the study.
  • Over 54% of event marketers work on at least 10 events per year.
  • 78% said that they spend over $4,000 on their mobile event apps.  Part of the finding here was that event marketers are aware that entry-level apps fall short of what they need.
  • The two most popular types of events to have an app for include sales conferences, of which 52% used mobile apps, and trade shows, of which 50% used mobile apps.  The third most popular was annual general meetings, of which 44% used a mobile app.
  • In the first part of this study in April, app inclusion rate among event planners was between 60% and 63%.  In the second study in May, this number increased to 92%.
  • The top two reasons for app use among event planners was having a messaging platform between event planner and attendee, and the reduction of paper use.
  • Even as more event planners use mobile event apps for their events, the use of mobile apps for events is still considered to be in the beginning stages and has room to grow.

For event marketers and event professionals, it is becoming increasingly popular to employ the use of technology in the form of mobile event apps or an event management platform to facilitate many initiatives during the event process.

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