Crowdster enlisted Times Square’s famous Naked Cowboy to show Fundraising Day in New York attendess how it can help them stand out from the crowd.  Through highly personalized customer service and unique, visually appealing templates, Crowdster boldly goes where no other online fundraising platform has gone before.

Visitors to Crowdster’s booth at Fundraising Day in New York, which took place on June 17th and was sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals, learned that all they need to do is sign up for this feisty start-up’s refreshing approach to internet fundraising software and service.

Crowdster offers unique and visually stunning peer-to-peer and event fundraising software templates that enable nonprofits to rise above the sea of sameness. “We believe that fundraising doesn’t need to be dry, boring and old-fashioned. Our customers often express how much fun it is to set up events with our templates and how much joy it brings them to see their beautiful new fundraising sites,” said Crowdster CEO Joe Ferraro.

“The Naked Cowboy,” a street performer who wears just a cowboy hat and boots, briefs, and a strategically placed guitar, has been pleasing people and standing out from the crowd in New York’s Time Square for decades. “He became our perfect choice to focus the fundraising conversation around the importance of presentation, functionality and impact,” said Scott Buckley, Founder of Buckstarter, LLC, the team responsible for Crowdster’s re-branding effort.

The Crowdster booth really got people talking in New York. Crowdster now plans to take their fresh approach to fundraising show on the road with several stops at key fundraising events along the east coast in the next few weeks to demonstrate just how fun and easy their subscription-based software service is to use.

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