Why target the nonprofit tech community on G2Crowd?

In order to develop its image and actively build upon its existing reputation in the tech world – especially as it relates to non-profit tech – Crowdster for Non-Profits is continuing to expand its online presence. If nonprofit professionals are serious about fundraising, they’ll be sure to do diligent research on all their options. Crowdster’s latest stop? G2Crowd.com! G2Crowd is the premier community for peer-reviewing software and online products. Our reviews are growing every week, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come!

Mike L. from Los Angeles states it simply: “Crowdster is a one stop shop for proper marketing, business, and support. They have room in their hearts for anyone looking to raise money to make a difference.” Mike’s holiday campaign raised enough money to provide gifts to 164 families in the Los Angeles area who would not have had the Christmas that they did “if it wasn’t for Crowdster being a part of ‘Santa’s team’.”


Your Success is Crowdster’s Success

The Crowdster team prides itself on open, thorough communication with clients to ensure no detail is overlooked and no request goes unfulfilled. In response to reviews like Mike’s, Crowdster CEO Joe Ferraro explains, “We’ll do our best to make your fundraising campaign or benefit event an absolute hit – your success is our success, after all!”

Speaking for all of Crowdster’s hardworking staff, Joe remarks, “When we work hard to realize our clients’ requests, it’s always a project of passion for us. For us, this kind of praise isn’t just a pat on the back; it’s a chance to draw in new clients whose goals are the ones we want to realize.”


Crowdster Wants You to Have the Full Story Before Committing

It’s precisely for the benefit of those prospective clients that the Crowdster team wants to make sure anyone interested in using Crowdster’s services have full access to the experiences of past clients. Those past customers have such a positive experience with Crowdster’s platform and user support that they can’t imagine switching to another provider. Laurie C. from Long Island agrees: “They have made it super easy and are very pleasant to deal with. I will be using them for all of my future events!”

If you have thought about using Crowdster’s Fundraising Solutions for your non-profit but aren’t yet convinced, click here to read testimonials from customers who believe in Crowdster’s abilities and have the results to prove it.


Happy Fundraising!

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