Storytelling has always been an effective way to appeal to donors’ hearts and minds, and now non-profits can easily integrate cutting edge storytelling technology into their fundraising strategies.  As recently reported in TopNonprofits, Crowdster has teamed up with Solu, a sophisticated online self-publishing platform, to make the story-to-donation process as smooth as possible.

As a result of this partnership, non-profits can provide their supporters with an even more personal and impactful peer-to-peer fundraising channel. For example, someone who’s dealing with a difficult medical condition can create a beautiful, multi-media memoir that incorporates a fundraising appeal for an organization that researches that condition. After watching this memoir, loved ones can submit a donation with just a few clicks. “By capturing a person’s entire life story, Solu avoids reducing the storyteller to his or her affliction, ” says Solu COO Aaron Thompson. “It tells the good with the bad, the triumphs with the struggles, which makes for a much more accurate and appealing narrative.”

Crowdster CEO Joe Ferraro is thrilled about the new partnership, which combines two cutting-edge yet friendly technologies that make it enjoyable and easy for nonprofits and their supporters to attract donations. “Solu was built on the belief that every story matters, regardless of who’s telling it, and Crowdster was built on the belief that every non-profit matters, regardless of size or mission. What could be a more winning combination than that!”

There are many ways in which Crowdster’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform can turn your fans into funds.  For a free demo, click here.




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