Crowdster CEO Joe Ferraro and Crowdster Customer Experience Manager Hannah von der Osten attended the Jefferson Awards Foundation National Ceremony and Gala in Washington, D.C. on Thursday, June 22nd. The event was a remarkable display of the service to one’s community and the human will to inspire and support others in times of struggle.


Jefferson Awards Gala public service benefit event

This Year’s Honorees

The Foundation honored 72 recipients from across the United States, ranging from individual teens to high school student councils to large adult groups. One story which particularly struck the Crowdster team was that of a woman who attended medical school at 52 years old to pursue her mission of providing free medical care to people experiencing homelessness.


Exceptional Public Service Record in New York City

Representing New York – and the sports community! – was baseball icon Joe Torre. From 1996 to 2007, he was the manager of the New York Yankees, whom he guided to four World Series championships.  He was honored with the distinction of Outstanding Public Service in Professional Sports. In 2002, Torre and his wife Ali established the Joe Torre Safe at Home Foundation, whose mission is to raise awareness of and prevent domestic violence. Torre also supports other anti-domestic violence programs. In September 2008, he recorded a public service announcement in support of the RESPECT! Campaign against domestic violence.



The in addition to Torre, the other 2017 Honorees included:



Sheila Johnson – Outstanding Public Service by a Private Citizen


Deval Patrick public service judge legal work

Hon. Deval Patrick – Outstanding Public Service by an Elected Official



Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi – Outstanding Public Service 35 Years or Under


The Jefferson Awards Foundation and Crowdster: What’s to Come

About the event and their greater message, the Foundation’s leadership states, “We believe in public service. Not just because it improves communities, but because it changes the lives of those who participate. It offers leadership skills that propel success in school and throughout life. We believe so strongly in the power of public service that we promote it every way we know how.”

Crowdster is pleased to know and to be able to work* with such a driven and admirable charitable organization.


*Crowdster is currently designing a new fundraising campaign (and complementary marketing efforts) for the Jefferson Awards Foundation, set to launch in August 2017.

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