How to Use Social Media to Gain Exposure for your Nonprofit Organization

Did you know that about 73% of online adults use multiple social networking sites*? Would you like to utilize social media as an effective way to spread awareness for your NPO?  Learn how you can engage your supporters and keep them invested in your cause with five simple social media tips below.

5 Ways To Gain Exposure Using Social Media for Nonprofit Organizations:

  1. Identify and Connect with Influencers Related to your Cause-
    Just getting started on social media?  Start by following partnerships and organizations that complement your nonprofit. Have you recently attended an event with like-minded organizations? Add those organizations to your list. Interact with your followers and respond to their content with your own helpful insight. Search terms related to your organization and follow people that write about related topics. For example, @AutismSpeaks could search #autism or #liub and interact with people who use those hashtags in their posts.
  2. Employ the Use of Visual Storytelling-
    A picture is worth a thousand words, and this holds especially true when using social media. On social platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you need to get your idea across as quickly and concisely as possible.  Photos account for 75% of content posted on Facebook and have a global 87% interaction rate (  On Twitter, photos can boost retweets by 35%. Visuals posted to social media are shared more than any other type of content.  Find a photo that represents your nonprofit organization well and share it to your followers similar to the photo above for Autism Speaks. This photo was shared by students of UMass Amherst and represents the widespread support that exists for autism awareness.
  3. Change Up Your Content Strategy-
    Utilizing visuals in social posts is a creative and effective way to keep followers engaged. Did your organization raise money for a great cause? Create an infographic to display this fantastic event and post it on Facebook as a highlighted post. Other types of highly sharable visual content include banners, memes, inspirational quotes and cartoons.
  4. Don’t Forget to Ask (and Say Please)-
    Reach out to supporters and ask for social posts and interactions. In the same way that you might raise money for a good cause, asking for social posts, shares or retweets from your supportive community can be a great way to extend your reach and exposure for your nonprofit.  When your supporters send posts about your nonprofit to their social community, it generates awareness with potential new supporters. Your next donation could be a social post away!
  5. Promote the Use of #Hashtags-
    Whether you’re holding an event or promoting awareness for a cause, using a hashtag enables you to engage with and track supporters across a variety of social media channels. Use your hashtag in all printed media when promoting your cause or event to encourage supporters to engage and share related content. When Autism Speaks was promoting their “Light It Up Blue” initiative, they used #liub to promote awareness for their fundraising platform on Participants posted #liub in their social posts and Autism Speaks was able to reply and thank them for participating by tracking their hashtag.

Gaining traction on social media takes time but we hope this article helped you learn the basics of how to use social media for your nonprofit organization. Remember that social media in essence is social, so it should constructed as conversational and friendly outreach. Try new things and have fun engaging with your supporters.  Feel free to follow us on Twitter at @Crowdster or like us on Facebook for more tips.


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