Instagram and Pinterest are two of the biggest growing social media channels and both have begun leveraging promotions as a way to generate revenue, not unlike Facebook, Twittter and LinkedIn. These two channels are highly visual and have an important role in helping your non-profit attract new donors, seeking donors for your crowdfunding campaigns and educating your existing audience on the work that your team is doing.

Let’s take a look at both channels and highlight some key takeaways of The American Red Cross, Charity Water, Autism Speaks and AARP.

Non-Profit Instagram Pages

Instagram offers up the opportunity to share a photo or short video. Leveraging #hashtags, allows you to connect with others based on common interests. Take a look at these Instagram Pages that these Non-Profits are managing and some good lessons to learn from each.

The mission of your organization can be told in a powerful visual

Here the American Red Cross shows a beautiful, artful picture which could have also been on the national geographic page. Leveraging the impact of the photo, they further describe how this man is being impacted by the work of the organization and the non-profit provides data to show their efforts.

Non Profit Instagram


Be Clever and Start a #Hashtag

Another post from their page has a clever way to promote their #hashtag. When possible, find ways to entertain while educating your audience. Start a #hashtag to create a specific focus. For example, leverage an event brand strategy/logo as a potential #hashtag event.

Non Profit Instagram


Share an important quote and add your logo

A great way to create some viral content is to find a quote that is inspirational for your cause and share it. Be careful not to over do it. Limit your quotes to 1-2 a month. Always add your logo or event details to the image and make sure the background is artistic and clean.

Non Profit Instagram


Share a Thank You

Here, Charity Water used a famous quote and added a simple Thank You in an visually appealing way. Leverage Instagram to say thank you.

Non Profit Instagram


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Pinterest allows users to view visual info with the added bonus of saving specific content and sharing this on a user curated board. In addition, Pinterest allows you to link back to a website, so using the right #hashtags and key words + a good visual + a good link = a potential new donor.

An opportunity to teach, using infographics

Here is a specific campaign for someone raising funds for Charity Water and through this infographic visual, they were able to get 19 re-pin and 4 shares. Let your Brand Ambassadors in on the fun and help them create infographics for their campaigns.

nonprofits on instagram and pinterest


An opportunity to leverage a #hashtag for a movement and create an action 

The Red Cross created a board for a specific #hashtag movement and included different visuals that were shared and re-pinned. Create a board for a specific movement and then provide specifics of actions you want your audience to take. The action here is to Become a GivingDay Ambassador with a link to the movement’s page.

nonprofits on instagram and pinterest


Appeal to creativity and ideas

Your organization can create boards that speak to the interest of your audience. In the case of AARP, they have curated many topics that are of interest to their members. Create content with your key messages included but are a sub-topic of your key focus area.

nonprofits on instagram and pinterest


Share visuals that matter to create re-pinning

A great example of a meme that has been going around the internet and a simple message. Use memes, historical photos of your organization and quotes that are inspirational and re-pin worthy. The idea is to spread the message.

nonprofits on instagram and pinterest


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