For any non-profit that wants to expand its donor base through social media, Facebook is a great place to focus energy.  Facebook has been around since 2004 and boasts about a billion daily users worldwide.  According to the Huffington Post, 9 out of 10 of non-profits have a Facebook page. However, just having a page doesn’t necessarily lead to an increase in donations.  Below are some tips that we’ve compiled to help you maximize Facebook’s impact.

Non-Profit Facebook Activity

Facebook is the largest social media channel for non-profits.

source: M+R


Need Some Inspiration? Check out these non-profit Facebook pages.


To do #1: Develop a Unique Voice for your Facebook Page

Both the content and style of what you post should be unique to each social media channel.  Here are some rules of thumb for Facebook:

  • Keep content simple and straightforward
  • Tell a story in 2-3 sentences max
  • Write professionally but with heart
  • Include links

To do #2: Create Interesting and Relevant Content

If you only focus on one type of content, such as happenings in your organization or donation requests, you risk losing listeners.  We really like this rule:

The 70/20/10 Rule

  • 70% Value Content. The majority of your content should add value to your audience. It should be interesting, informative, entertaining or inspiring.
  • 20% Shared Content. Share other people’s ideas or Facebook posts. You could even share your own audience’s content.
  • 10% Promotional Content. Promote your services, events, donor drives, blog, or anything else.

Here are some additional content guidelines:

  • Tell a personal message.  For example, you could share a story of hope in writing or video.
  • Provide an infographic on key trends affecting your organization.
  • Share something funny that’s relevant to your cause.
  • Share an article or blog post that was published externally.  Include an image and a “one-liner” linking to the piece.


To do #3: Include Images Whenever Possible

Like Instagram, Facebook is a visually rich platform. Posts with images get more likes, comments, and click-throughs than posts without images.  Follow these tips:

  • Invest in high quality photos and videos (or update what you have available).
  • Make sure that your banners and logo look professional.  Ensure consistency with the rest of your online branding.
  • Add no more than 3 lines of text when including images.

Facebook is a highly visual social media channel.

source: kiss metrics

To do #4: Take Advantage of Analytics to Understand Your Audience

Gain a better understanding of how your audience engages with your page through Facebook’s Page Insights.  You can also check out the analytics of other organizations in your field to get a sense of what your results can look like.

To do #5: Schedule Your Posts for Peak Times

Leverage the Facebook Scheduler to schedule your posts during peak times. If you’re not sure what your peak times are, run some tests.  Post once per weekend and twice during weekdays, trying different times each week to see what works best.  You can also learn what works well for other organizations by looking at their Page Insights.

How often you post is up to you, but be careful not to overdo it.  Your posts might be perceived as spam and end up reducing the number of engaged followers.

How Often Should Your Non-Profit be Posting

Pay attention to posting trends and be consistent.

source: kiss metrics


Additional Suggestions for a Professional Facebook Page

  • Enable direct messaging
  • Assign more than one administrator.
  • Add an address under location so that you can leverage geo-tagging and other location services.
  • Ensure that your “About” section has a strong overview of your organization, including links to websites and other social media pages.
  • Make sure that Facebook icons linking to your page are available on your website and in newsletters and emails.
  • Network with other organizations via Facebook, and be responsive to their posts in order to expand your voice.
  • Pin the most popular or engaging posts to the top so that new followers will be immediately drawn to your successful posts.


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