As a Non-Profit executive, you may find yourself creating your year end message with a theme of thanks and hope for the new year. As leaders, it is also important to create a message of inspiration and one that comes from a personal experience. We all struggle with something, regardless of what others may see in us from the outside. As the holiday time begins to wind down, create a thoughtful message to your audience that reminds them of the simplicity of love, hope and the power of overcoming a challenge.

Here are 3 easy ways you can create a simple yet effective message that ties the work that your non-profit or giving organization is focused on with that of your own personal experience has been.

The Power of Volunteering

Write about a recent experience you had volunteering and being out in the field. Write about the people you spent time with and keep it real. Think of it as a diary entry that you can read aloud to others who would want to listen. Your donors and those who follow your organization will be very interested in this message and will find it compelling to share with their friends. Remember to keep it real!

An example of a personal experience message came from our CEO just recently. You can read all about it here. click here

Discuss a Recent Challenge as Non-Profit Executive

This is a topic that so many of us can relate to and what we all want to know is how can we get away from the challenge and focus on the solution. Share an experience that highlights the challenge you had but also the solution that came to you. This is a note about being inspired and by sharing this, there will be people struggling who need to read it. It does not need to be specific to your cause per se but it has a message of hope and inspiration draws from this.

Share a Success Story

A great idea to add to your holiday message is to provide specific examples of success and how it impacted you and your team. This could be a personal experience of one of your campaigns or it could be from a member of your team. In either case, this is a great reminder of why your organization exists and why your cause is important.

Specific examples that executives tend to include in their year end messages are their fundraising achievements, the benefactors of their cause with specific examples to share, a focus on their volunteers, the successes of their events throughout the year and the overall voice they have created with their communities (including their social media impact).

If you have a story to share, please add it below in the comments. We would love to hear all about it!


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