For more than 40 years,  Life’s WORC has enabled individuals with developmental disabilities, such as autism, to lead independent and productive lives.  Its latest initiative, the Family Center for Autism, is Long Island’s first venue that provides a lifespan of services and programs to people with autism, a lifeline of support to families who love them, and vital resources to the educators who teach them.  The Center offers a full range of therapeutic, educational, social, recreational, and vocational services and programs to people with autism, as well as informational, respite and social opportunities to their parents, siblings, and other family members.

As Life’s WORC’s Assistant Executive Director of  Development & Public Affairs, Matthew P. Zebatto is in charge of telling the world about all of the great things that his nonprofit does, but getting the word out isn’t always easy.  That’s why he came to Crowdster for help.  Zebatto chose to use Crowdster’s online fundraising platform to manage Life’s WORC’s 29th Annual Geraldo Rivera Golf and Tennis Classic, which takes place this May and aims to raise $150,000.   “With its clear and concise interface,” said Zebatta, “Crowdster provides an easy way to connect with potential donors.  It drives the message to the traffic instead of us having to drive the traffic to the message, which can be a lot more challenging.”

Within just a few hours, Life’s WORC used Crowdster’s platform to create a branded event page that enables visitors to register for, sponsor, and donate to their event.  They simply input their images and event details into a customizable template, and the platform took care of the rest.  Event information is automatically integrated into social media and email, so they can spread the word to vast networks like Facebook and Twitter with just a few clicks.  What’s more, the event page was seamlessly connected to their main website so that their audience gets one-stop shopping.

Crowdster is helping Life's WORC meet its fundraising goal through a visually appealing, user-friendly event page.

Crowdster’s user-friendly platform enabled Life’s WORC to meet its fundraising goal.

Life’s WORC has more events in the pipeline:  “Our biggest fundraisers are galas and walks, and we’re planning to use Crowdster for those too,” said Zebatto.  “They are terrific partners who provide friendly and reliable support.”   Zebatto would especially like to take advantage of Crowdster’s mobile donation capabilities, including Apple Pay, which allows people to donate with the touch of a finger.  According to Crowdster CEO Joe Ferraro, “I’m thrilled about the opportunity to work with such a prestigious agency as Life’s WORC.  Through our own nonprofit experience, my wife and I became very familiar with the great work they do, and it’s an honor to support them.”

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