There is still plenty of time to create and execute a holiday social fundraising event for your non-profit and giving organization. The social media team at Crowdster collected these 10 Holiday Fundraising Ideas from around the office to help you get started today.

Drum-roll please…

Giving Tree

Put up a giving tree for your organization in local schools gyms, libraries, grocery stores and any place where the general public can find it. Giving trees have ornaments that are made of “asks” and you can simply create a specific ask or wish for your organization. It can be in a form of a physical product or an online/offline donation. This is a perfect time of year to do it.

Birthday Party Donations in Lieu of Gifts

With the holidays coming, children having birthday parties are overwhelmed with many gifts. Instead of accepting these gifts, encourage children to donate them to an organization in need to simply raise funds rather bringing in a toy. Create a social media campaign for parents of children with birthday parties in the holiday months. Our social media director has been doing this for 3 years and it has been a huge success for all the families involved and it has been especially impactful for her children.

A Color or Fun Run

After all the holiday craziness, a little family fun run is a great way to bring the family together on their holiday time off. Organize an event between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Create a 1 – 2 mile route and have volunteers and balloons on hand to celebrate. Participants will pay to participate and you can organize the event with social media and event management tools via Crowdster.

Ugly Sweater Contest

Have some fun before the big day with a Ugly Sweater contest. Get your social media followers on board and have them donate to the campaign that is showing the ugliest fashion sense of the season. Get the word out with a simple email to your fundraising team and start organizing your event with an online social media platform.

Gingerbread House Contest

Showcase the talent in your community with a gingerbread house contest. Get grocery stores to donate the materials and even a prize for the winner. Get the kids out to decorate and make a social media splash with each house that is decorated. Each house can also be tied to a specific cause which you can manage with online fundraising software.

Christmas Caroling

Get old fashioned with some Christmas Caroling door to door or better yet, ask your followers and friends to share their online singing capabilities via YouTube. You can make a big social media push and link each caroler to a specific event or cause that you are raising funds towards.

Zumba, Yoga or any workout event

Post holidays mean resolutions and the number one resolution is to get healthy. Create multiple events around town with ticket sales going towards your fundraiser. Ask the teachers to donate their time in lieu of paying them to teach. You can manage these events via an event management tool, such as the one that Crowdster offers.

Host a SWAP MEET for Unwanted Presents

Not all gifts come with a receipt so take the opportunity to host an offline or online swap meet for unwanted presents. Invite your community to drop off their unwanted items and purchase other unwanted items. Customers will pay a small percentage of their sales to you. If you do not have a physical location to manage this, you can create a social media group to sell donated items.

Hot Cocoa and PJs Book Reading by Santa

Gather the little ones and host a Holiday Reading Event by Santa. Collect toys, books and donations at the door while the little ones get to enjoy hot cocoa and stories by the big man. Advertise the event via social media and collect online donations as well.

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Many parents’ Christmas eve is typically spent building the toys to put under the tree. Capture these moments from your social media base by collecting images, stories to share and casting a vote for the most challenging toy building session this season. Link the poll to your existing fundraiser tools and provide a Twas the Night Before Christmas blog/email for your audience to enjoy. Of course, linking this info to your website.

Happy Holiday Fundraising!!

The Crowdster Social Media Team

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