On October 5th, Crowdster hosted a Webinar on the topic of ‘Secrets to running a successful Giving Tuesday Campaign.” As for those who may have missed it, the webinar recording and power point links will be posted at the end of the blog. Crowdster’s CEO, Joe Ferraro, talked about Ten Secrets that can make your Giving Tuesday Campaign more successful.

The webinar itself is approximately 45 minutes so it’s shorter than your average one hour session but it gets all the points across in a timely and well organized manner. Throughout the webinar, there were multiple polls given to the attendees and it’s interesting to see the statistics related various questions. For example, one of the polls asked “How many of you have board members that are active fundraisers?” My initial thought was that the majority would have been since they work for a non-profit organization. However, the result was an even split between “yes” and “no” which was for me, unexpected.

The 10 tips given in the presentation were:

  1. Setting your campaign goal – Realistic or Stretch?
  2. Identifying Potential Donors – Existing of New?
  3. Campaign Content – Copy, Photos or Videos?
  4. Identify Your Fundraisers – Board, Staff, or Volunteers?
  5. Create your Fundraising Site – Visual Appeal gets attention
  6. Design your Social Media strategy – New Channels
  7. Develop your Email Strategy – To Drip or Not to Drip?
  8. Communicate is Key – Not Possible to over-communicate
  9. Seed the Campaign
  10. Identify Resources to follow-up on Donations and Click-thrus

Each of these points represents one step from beginning to end when creating a fundraiser. These all function together and if you are able to create a campaign with all of these in mind then your campaign should be successful. During the webinar, examples were given to show how these tips should be implemented and used effectively. Overall, these tips can greatly improve your fundraising campaign and make your organization shine even more.

It is still better however to get the information straight from the source. The explanations were very easy to follow and covered everything that they were meant to. There was no time wasted between points so I highly recommend for you view the webinar and review the power point as well and maybe Crowdster can help you with your Giving Tuesday Campaign.

Please fill out the form to be redirected to the Webinar download.

Webinar PDF download
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