As a non-profit organization, the outcomes of your events are a big part of the success of your fundraising goals. In the mix of it all, you have probably identified an opportunity to get creative and find new ways to get your brand ambassadors working for your cause. At Crowdster, we are big believers in the power of the Brand Ambassador and we think they need an opportunity to showcase their talents in the name of charity. We curated a list of fundraising ideas that you can implement powered with the technology of a peer to peer fundraising tool such as the one that Crowdster offers.

Peer to peer fundraising essentially is an online program that is integrated with a non-profit’s website. This page allows brand ambassadors to sign up to host a fundraiser on the behalf of the non-profit or in the name of a specified recipient pertaining to the non-profit’s mission. The brand ambassador leverages their network via social media, email and offline interactions to fundraise directly online. A significant portion of funds typically come from email and mobile apps.

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Create a Movement; Spring fundraising ideas

Before you jump into any peer to peer program, make sure to review our checklist of considerations and ideas on how you can market your program this Spring.

Showcase Talent

Make Your Brand Ambassadors Famous

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Everyone wants to be famous and we all have some type of creative skill, right? With the last season of American Idol happening now, get in on the action and host an online fundraising talent show. Ask your brand ambassadors to upload their musical talents, artistry, comedic endeavors, you name it all in the name of a specific cause. Their personal network will no doubt help them out and you may even discover some talent, potentially the next American Idol?

The Bachelor or Bachelorette

Take advantage of holidays & pop culture for short term events


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This show is popular for a reason and take advantage of this and host your own Bachelor or Bachelorette campaign. This is a perfect Valentine’s day idea and has the potential of going viral if done with cleverness.

Zumba or SoulCycle for a Cause

Forget a Run or Walk Event and Just Dance or Cycle with popular fitness classes

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We love dancing and cycling fitness so why not host a 7 day fitness event with instructors across the country raising funds for your cause. They already have an engaged audience in the room with them and you can ask teams to post videos and photos of their event. For viral purposes, you can ask instructors to share their routines with the #hashtag and link of your movement attached to it. Add some competition to the action with voting and a grand prize for the best routine.

Birthday Party

Create Annual Fundraisers for Brand Ambassadors

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Create a birthday party movement by asking your brand ambassadors to fundraise on their birthday. For example, many parents love celebrating their children’s birthdays with parties but don’t always want the gifts that come with it. They can leverage the annual fundraiser on behalf of their child’s birthday, redirecting presents to funds that will go to someone else who could use the help. Kids will love to see visually how they can help others out and you can develop shareable content for email and social media. A good example would be various thank you note styles that can be personalized.

School or Sports Fundraiser

Create a business case for an alternative to traditional fundraising

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If you are a member of the PTA or on the board of a sports league, fundraising is a core focus of your time. While there are many different ways to get the kids to help generate funds for the school, a peer to peer fundraising program may be an easy way to generate additional funds. You will need to develop a business case for the investment but the opportunity to create a teacher profile that can be shared with the parents of that class and then out to their social and personal networks would be in one word .. awesome. Consider some of the advantages

  • easily track performance of fundraising efforts for parents and faculty
  • share event updates with parents and other fundraising news
  • get out of town family members in on the fun
  • reduce offline administration

These are just some ways to leverage a peer to peer fundraising platform. Want to understand how this could work for your organization? Click here to get a demo.

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