Why Brand Ambassadors are Key to a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign       

Every brand has an enthusiast who will scream and shout their love for your product or service. That voice is key to the success of your organization and the more of those voices you have, the better off you will be. This is the basic description of brand ambassador and a successful crowdfunding campaign requires them to be successful.

As your organization begins to develop a crowdfunding strategy or if the planning and execution has taken off with little success, chances are a program such as a brand ambassador for crowdsourcing may be missing from your discussions.

Below are key considerations for identifying, developing and managing your brand ambassadors for crowdfunding or any program / organization.

brand ambassadors for crowdfunding

Convert highly engaged donors into brand ambassadors for crowdfunding campaigns

Step 1: Identify Brand Ambassadors for Crowdfunding

Consider all of your donor or audience touchpoints to date. Curate a list of the most active voices for your organization by looking at the following:

Active Email Addresses: These are the folks that have opened and clicked on content the most. You can determine what the right measurements are by looking into your email statistics and evaluating in the last 12 months, who opened and clicked vs. those not taking action.

Social Media: Across all channels, you can identify your likes, shares, comments, re-tweets and so forth by creating a list per channel. Study the list to see if there are patterns in demographics and study to see why those posts that received the likes and activity. (keep that in your back pocket)

Events, Meetings: Take an inventory of all events or major meetings that took place and the list of attendees participating. From this list, you should also cross-check with the emails and social media status to see how engaged these folks are. (yes you are spying, but this will help with the equation)

Friends, Social Networks, Work Networks: Ask your team to develop a list of relationships that your organization has on a friendly or social level and define those folks who are champions of your mission and why they are. This is an intimate exercise but it can do wonders if this network aligns with the goals and purpose of your organization.


Step 2: Develop Your Advocates

Now that you have a great list of brand ambassadors, you need to begin to develop their natural talents and help them feel that they are a special part of your organization.

Here are some ideas that you can use and key of all of these is the first one; communicate.

  1. Create a message centered on Introducing The Brand Ambassador Program. This does not need to be formal but the key is to allow them to know why their relationship with the organization is vital to the success of the campaign.
  2. If you have an email address for this Brand Ambassador, create a brand ambassador list in your system.
  3. If you do not have an email, you can post a social media message thanking your active members and asking them to help. If resources are available, you can send out mailers or reach out by phone to personally thank them for their help.
  4. For emails, create 3-4 automated messages to be sent out in a staggered way that

  • Identifies them as important voices
  • Explains the current campaign
  • Ask them for their help in getting the word out
  • Celebrate their efforts

for example:

  • The first email is a personalized message or a Thank You for all of your support in 2015, highlighting the successes of the year.
  • The second email starts with “as a champion of our mission …”, we want to introduce you to our campaign …” and let you know that we consider you Brand Ambassadors for Crowdfunding (or any specific program you want to highlight)
  • The next email reminds them of the campaign and asks them to post to social media, tell their networks, email this and so forth.
  • The last email should be a simple thank you and provide them with updates or another opportunity to share the campaign and learn more about the organization.

The key here is not to be shy!

Step 3: Manage Your Assets

Once your have their attention, the rest is up to you in terms of how complex your brand ambassadors for crowdfunding specific programs can get. The team at Crowdster shares some ideas that they have seen work well with their clients.

  • Create a unique website or mobile app that is a special access for this group. The page or app should highlight individual stories, special events and upcoming campaigns.
  • Develop quarterly email newsletter specifically speaking about Brand Ambassadors and make sure to welcome and highlight new ambassadors
  • If budgets allow, create t-shirts or physical reminders of your cause and mail to your top 25% (define it based on engagement, not just dollar value)
  • Develop video and content to be shared across all of your social channels highlighting Brand Ambassadors. Include these in your campaigns.
  • Develop a simple documentary highlighting the power of volunteers and Brand Ambassadors
  • Create blog stories on the power of the ambassador

Don’t forget to update your lists periodically and segment messages amongst your Brand Ambassadors.

brand ambassadors for crowdfunding or any organization


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