Changing Lives for 60 Years

The non-profit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) has worked since 1955 for the treatment and cure of cystic fibrosis (CF), a progressive genetic disorder with debilitating effects on the lungs, intestines and other vital organs. Of more than 30,000 people in the US with CF, almost half are under age 18. Headquartered in Maryland, CFF has over 80 chapters and offices across the US. In 2015, its $223 million in program services provided research grants, accredited 115 specialized treatment centers, promoted awareness of CF, and assisted people living with the disease.


A Need to Power Up Volunteer Efforts

Despite netting $91 million in 2015 alone, increasing demands and tightening sources of traditional giving meant CFF needed to enhance the effectiveness of its dedicated volunteer fundraisers.  They needed to easily harness the power of social media and other Internet tools to build upon the rich variety of special events throughout national CF chapters. Since CFF’s existing systems, though powerful, could not do what was needed, they searched for a solution that would:

(1) offer flexible access to the power of social media,

(2) integrate smoothly as an add-on to CFF’s ongoing operations,

(3) be very user-friendly by volunteers and local offices, and

(4) provide a cost-effective increase in special event revenues.


Crowdster as CFF’s partner

After an in-depth evaluation of the Crowdster platform and its FriendRaiserTM feature, CFF leaders decided to partner with Crowdster in developing the new “Passion Fundraising” solution specifically tailored to CFF’s operations. With CFF’s Passion Fundraising, anyone inspired by a favorite hobby or pastime can develop a unique fundraising event and get friends, family and community involved. It makes it easy to create a personal web page for the event and to post information through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other web tools.  The full power of the Internet is made available to a volunteer fundraiser as if he or she were a professional. In 2015, CFF’s Passion Fundraising, using the Crowdster platform, raised $4 million for a 10% increase in revenue.




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