When Crowdster CEO Joe Ferraro first spoke with Jason Sandlofer about his wife’s and son’s story, he knew they were a special family with a truly wonderful cause. It also didn’t hurt that Jason and Joe are both from northern New Jersey (and speak the same ‘language’). From that first conversation over a year ago, Joe and his team at Crowdster have been committed to the success of Jason’s and Ethan’s fundraising campaign. So much so, that Crowdster even developed a new Parent/Child Feature which enables a parent to register an unlimited number of children with a single email address. This is just one of the many examples of Crowdster’s constant innovation and strong commitment to its customers’ fundraising success!

Jason, father to Ethan, the “E” in E’s Battle Buddies, knows a thing or two about pulling together a successful fundraiser. Ethan, whose mother died of a rare form of cancer in 2009 when he was just 2 years old, decided to turn personal tragedy into a force for good. To show that “little kids can do big things,” too, Ethan and his dad planned an indoor cycling marathon event called “Kids Fighting Cancer.” Crowdster designed and continues to manage that campaign page. On May 21, 2017, hundreds of benevolent children and pre-teens powered their stationery bicycles to handily exceed the event’s 100,000 goal, raking in a whopping $107,930.

Here are Jason’s “10 Steps to Fundraising Success”:

  1. Be Passionate
    Decide That You Are Committed to Making a Difference
  2. Be Focused & Detail-Oriented
    Know What Specific Cause/Organization You Want to Support
  3. Think Critically
    Understand Your Limitations & Set Realistic Goals for Yourself/Your Campaign
  4. Find the Right Fundraising Platform
    Using a Powerful Software (like Crowdster’s!) Will Make Reaching the Right People by Utilizing Tech & Social Media Effectively So Much Easier
  5. Follow-Through
    Try Saying “I Will” instead of “I Should”
  6. Be Proactive, Not Reactive
    Communicate Possible Obstacles/Problems to Your Strategy Team – They’re Here to Help! (It’s a Plus If They, Like Crowdster, Offer Fantastic Support Within and Beyond Business Hours)
  7. Recognize Your Small Window of Opportunity
    People Have a Shorter Attention Span Now – Be the One to Make Them Remember YOUR Cause and YOUR Event!
  8. Leverage Your Local Community to Contribute to Your Campaign
    How Can You Count on Support from Folks Around the Country if You Can’t Capture It in Your Own Backyard?
  9. Bring Fun & Energy to Your Event
    Especially for Long Events, You’ll Be Glad You Planned ahead for Participant’s Fatigue Setting In – Make Sure You Keep Things Interesting for Everyone!
  10. Make Your Event an Experience
    It Should Come As No Surprise That The Most Exciting Events Will Be Different and Unique.

In sum, and to anyone worried that the ideas they have for a future fundraiser aren’t good enough, Sandlofer offers, “Fun can be anything, but it has to be an experience.”

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