In spring of 2016, the Madison Park Cooperative Preschool (MPCP) came to Crowdster with a goal in mind and not much time to reach it. The students’ families needed to raise at least $20,000 in less than a month! Neither the fundraising professionals at Crowdster nor the resourceful parents of Madison Park’s students backed away from the challenge, though, and the goal was exceeded within a few weeks. With the help of friends and family, 47 students and their parents used Crowdster’s peer-to-peer platform features (i.e. personal pages) to expand their reach and raise nearly $21,000!

Now they’re back to do it again! Parents of students old and new have put their faith in the Crowdster Platform. With their trust and confidence following the success of last year’s campaign, we look forward to making this year’s fundraiser even more effective. You can see their 2017 fundraising campaign page here.


About the School

MPCP depends enormously on its dedicated parents, who undertake all management and operations. Parent involvement is critical to the success and day-to-day operation of the co-op. For example, a parent from each family must attend all class meetings and two all-school meetings, as well as complete a parent job such as class photographer, librarian, or toy sorter.


Where Crowdster Comes In

One of the biggest responsibilities is to participate in fundraising! MPCP does not require families to raise a specified amount of money, and so its fundraising goal is simply the participation of 100% of its member families. Click here to contribute to their campaign!

We at Crowdster see this as an opportunity to take the heavy lifting – as we call it – of devising and executing meticulous fundraising strategies off of the shoulders of parents who already have their work cut out for them. That’s the Crowdster way: giving you the hand you need to reach to your goals so you can focus on what really matters.



Note: Donations to MPCP are tax deductible: 501(c)3 91-0889472

MPCP Contact Details:
1900 43rd Avenue East, Seattle, WA 98112
T: 206.324.7846

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