Crowdster is proud to support Ethan Sandlofer, the “E” in E’s Battle Buddies, a remarkable 10-year-old who is creating waves of support for rare cancer research. The movement is dedicated to Ethan’s mother, Gaby, whom he lost at 2 years old to an extremely rare cancer called angiosarcoma.


Little Kids Can Do Some Not-So-Little Things

How is Ethan showing that little kids can do big things? His May 21st “Kids Fighting Cancer” event raised over $107,000 – exceeding his initial goal of $100,000! – dedicated to rare cancer research! Over 400 young changemakers cycled to raise money for patients of rare types of cancer.

The registration and donation pages were provided by Those forms and more can be accessed at


Turning a Devastating Situation into Something Incredible

Driven to easing the struggles of others, Ethan began a crusade to save lives, to help families fighting cancer, and to promote healthy lifestyles.

E’s Battle Buddies’ ultimate goal is to have researchers from around the country collaborate and lead the way in developing new ways to diagnose and treat cancer. Whether it’s for research, clinical trials, travel expenses for cancer patients and their families or purchasing prosthetics for amputees due to cancer, E’s Battle Buddies is committed to creating a better quality of life for people fighting the battle.


Kids’ Competitive Spirits Are Fueling the Fight Against Cancer

Thanks to Ethan and his Battle Buddies, kids from 6-18 years old have the opportunity to register, raise money and battle to defeat rare cancer. Hundreds of young participants registered to take part in a massive indoor cycling event in northern New Jersey to raise money for the Sandlofers’ campaign.

Together with Life Time Athletic, the organization’s KIDS ONLY events provide high energy, interactive activities, such as indoor cycling and obstacle runs, through which they can raise money and awareness for lifesaving rare cancer research – all while teaching kids the importance of giving back!


Why Ethan’s Work Is So Necessary

Fifty percent of all cancer patients are fighting a rare type of cancer. Rare cancers include all types of cancers, including pediatric, brain, pancreatic, ovarian, stomach, sarcomas and many others. Research on rare cancers is drastically underfunded, leaving patients with limited or no treatment options. E’s Battle Buddies is committed to changing that reality and expanding access to affordable treatments for those diagnosed with rare forms of cancer.


Support Ethan’s Mission

Want to hear about this movement from its founder? Watch Ethan Sandlofer’s exclusive interview with CBS New York here!

Want to show your support by contributing to Ethan’s campaign? Make a donation here.

Curious about Ethan’s story and what he plans to do with the money he raises? Learn more here.

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