Crowdster Welcomes St. Anthony!

Crowdster for non-profits is proud to announce its newest client, St. Anthony School Programs, a Pittsburgh-based nonprofit organization supporting children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

About St. Anthony School Programs

St. Anthony provides a Catholic-based inclusive educational environment for children ages 5-21 with Down Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Intellectual Disabilities. For over 60 years, “St. Anthony School Programs has helped both Catholic and non-Catholic students with intellectual disabilities live their lives to the fullest academically, socially, vocationally and spiritually.”

Something that the Crowdster team especially admires about the St. Anthony leadership is that it works with parents – empowering them to contribute to their child’s smooth transition to the school programs – to determine each child’s level of inclusion. Further to that, “special resource room support gives the students every opportunity to learn in a safe and loving environment so that they may grow and become active and contributing members of society.”


Meet Joshua Pastor

The organization’s giving campaign is currently focusing on one particularly child and his story: Joshua Pastor, Jr. Joshua was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum at age 2.  Naturally, his parents worried about how his disabilities would affect his schooling. For instance, they were concerned that by the time Joshua was ready for kindergarten, he often remained non-verbal. Having a hard time connecting to other children, Joshua struggled to make friends.


Enter St. Anthony…

Now, several years later, St. Anthony had helped enroll Joshua in an inclusive program with teachers who were known for treating students as if they were their own children. Thanks to the unlimited compassion and loving care Joshua has received through the program, he has grown into an energetic 7-year-old who is now in the 2nd grade, completing assignments and tasks that his mother wasn’t sure that he would ever be able to do. Joshua has made several good friends through the program with whom he plays basketball as often as he can. Joshua’s next big project? Helping to train his new service dog “Rex”!


Your Support Is Needed – And Deeply Appreciated!

To any and all prospective donors, St. Anthony leaders explain, “Your support can help us continue to perform miracles for children with Down Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorder.” After all, “What better way to do God’s work on earth than by supporting these special children?”



Click here to learn more about the “Joshua Says Thank You” Campaign or to make a donation to St. Anthony School Programs.

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