Crowdster adds a remarkable nonprofit to its long list of customers – again! For the second time in two years, Feline Victory Rescue has chosen to use the Crowdster Fundraising Platform to execute its summer appeal. The Crowdster team – and many of them are cat owners – is extremely pleased to work with the dedicated staff of the Long Island-based animal rescue network for a second time.


About Feline Victory Rescue

Feline Victory Rescue (FVR) was formed in 2015 with the goal of bettering the lives of animals either unwanted or otherwise living in dangerous conditions. The group hardworking staff goes above and beyond to better the lives of abandoned, abused, and neglected cats and kittens along the east coast. The staff is comprised of all volunteers and 100% of their proceeds from fundraisers go directly to the care of their cats: vet visits, surgeries, microchips, shots, medications and daily food, litter, and clean bedding.

Now, to expand its efforts and really make a dent in the feral or abandoned cat population in a community near you, they need your support.


What’s Special About FVR

Crowdster is especially proud to support an organization that carries itself so well in a sector where regulations aren’t always precisely met. FVR is different, going to great lengths to ensure that every life they touch is given every opportunity to thrive in a loving home. Instead of trapping, neutering, and releasing (TNR), FVR traps outdoor cats that have been thrown away or lost and scan them for microchips in case they have loving owners looking for them. As an additional measure, the group is sure to leave no vulnerable kittens left behind when it traps.


FVR Boldly Goes Where Not All Rescuers Do

“We are undaunted by situations of domestic violence from which we have rescued terrified cats and kittens,” says Lucinda Cassamassino-DiFalco, the organization’s founder. She explains that the dangers they encounter include “hoarding situations unfit for either animal or human, and severe illness or injury including cerebellar hypoplasia, feline AIDS, feline leukemia, coccidia, blindness, physical deformity, stomatitis and even cancer.”

The bottom line? Without your support, FVR wouldn’t be able to afford treatments to save the sickest cats who need them the most. Without this necessary care, they must be put down to ease their suffering.


FVR Has Done Great Work – But There’s More To Do

FVR has saved over 500 cats in just two years, from states up and down the east coast. To cover the cost of care for their animals, it has a big goal in mind: $10,000. That sum will provide 30 especially vulnerable cats with medical attention, vaccinations, food, water, and bedding for 6 months – the average amount of time required to find them a home. If everyone reading this donated just $10, $25, $50 or as much as you can possibly spare, we could truly make an incredible difference in the lives of animals that society has forgotten.

Click here to contribute to their campaign and save the lives of vulnerable cats and kittens.

Want to reach out to FVR staff? Use this contact form.

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