In this article, we look at how Madison Park Cooperative Preschool used Crowdster’s peer-to-peer fundraising platform to exceed the goal of its Polar Bear Fundraiser.

The parents of Madison Park Cooperative Preschool in Seattle, Washington, understand the importance of fundraising to help meet the needs of their school. The neighborhood school caters to approximately 100 families.  Parents are a fixture in the classroom, so they have plenty of opportunities to watch their children grow.  This dedication applies to their fundraising strategy as well. Although MPCP has always had one big fundraiser every year, this year they decided to try something new, and they enlisted Crowdster to help execute their plan. Crowdster’s Peer-to-Peer (p2p) fundraising platform was the perfect solution.

MPCP’s wish to have an event that could involve the entire family progressed into a “polar plunge” on the shores of Lake Washington. Parents bravely took the leap into the icy water while friends and family cheered them on. Holding a daytime fundraiser, as opposed to their previous nighttime auctions, allowed for a family event where more people could attend and more people could donate! In order to organize and professionalize the fundraising aspect of the event, they turned to Crowdster.  As a result, they exceeded their goal of $20K, raising over $25K.

Madison Park PB Fundraiser home page anonymous

Crowdster quickly set up the Polar Bear Fundraiser site at no additional cost, and parents took advantage of its ability to support personal campaign pages.  About 50 parents created such pages, which they shared with family and friends. Stephanie True, MPCP’s fundraising chair claims that the accessibility of the software is really what made the whole idea work. In today’s busy world, parents don’t have time to try and figure out technology.  They need something user-friendly with the added incentive of goals that they want to see fulfilled.  “Crowdster’s software was easy to use and (obviously!) worked well for us.” True expressed.  That’s what we like to hear!

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