An Infant’s First 1,000 Days Shape Who They Will Become

There are 1.16 million children under the age of 3 in Texas. Each year, First3Years reaches 300,000 of those children through programming and innovations across the state. First3Years is a recognized leader in education and advocacy for infant and toddler development, and is the only organization in Texas working across sectors to improve the quality of care for infants and toddlers.

First3Years teamed with Crowdster to create an online fundraising platform with peer-to-peer capabilities to reach across Texas and beyond with a message of program benefits.

“Babies can’t wait,” says Sadie Funk, First3Years Executive Director. “The future of our community, our economy, and the future of how we see ourselves, interlinked with one another—all of this is at stake. And all of it, 20 years from now, is dependent on how we treat young children and their families today.”

Peer-to-Peer Campaign Web Pages

Three teams lead the campaign – Members, Volunteers and Students. Each team has a goal and a webpage to tell their story. Supporters donate, share on social media and create their own webpage. Crowdster’s software platform makes it easy to do. With FriendRaiserTM , family, friends, colleagues, community and institutions join the fundraising campaign

First3Years programs support Texas Infants and Toddlers

  • Families through Just Beginning, a parenting support program for teen fathers in the juvenile justice system.
  • Birth and foster parents as they learn to coparent effectively on behalf of the child.
  • Safe Babies stakeholder training on approaches for ensuring children 0-3 in the foster care and child welfare systems are treated appropriately for their developmental needs.
  • Reflective Supervision sessions for early care professionals so they can learn from mentors about overcoming burn out and work-related emotional stress.
  • Build the field for early care professionals by ensuring our professional development trainings reach the people who need it most.
  • Sponsor First3Years staff to present at a regional conference to elevate our presence.
  • Subsidize membership for a low-income childcare worker looking to reach her 24 hours so she may stay accredited as an endorsed infant mental health professional.
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