bmf_logo The Bone Marrow Foundation offers financial assistance and free support services to bone marrow/stem cell transplant patients and their families. The foundation relies 100% on private donations to provide these vital services. When looking at their website, it is very apparent that they have a multitude of ways for people to get involved and or donate to their mission. Crowdfunding is just one way The Bone Marrow Foundation is able to deliver upon their financial goals and what is wonderful is that it is directly related to patient stories so those in need can provide their supporters information regarding how their donations will be used.

Walking through the website as a patient or a loved one looking to raise funding, you will see it is easy to get set up. Each funding campaign must be reviewed by the organization and this ensures that help is provided on how to properly communicate the program and use social media, online newsletters and offline communications to tie back to the campaign.

As a donator, the experience is very simple. They will go to the page and simply make a donation and provide a comment if they wish. The progress of every social crowd funding fundraiser is provided and behind the scenes, the organization is collecting the funds and distributing to their patients.

One of the many powerful stories you will see when going into their one to one funds page is about Caesar Sant who is a young child suffering from sickle cell anemia. His story lead to a documentary on The National Geographic website. As of today, he has raised close to $28,000.

The power of creating individual stories and tying these back to the non-profit organization is important so that the awareness of the individual and the awareness of the organization go hand in hand. We will provide data on how crow funding support the entire goal of the organization in subsequent client stories. Tune in.

To learn about the organization, please visit:

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