As CEO of Crowdster, I am very pleased to announce that The Navigators has selected Crowdster’s highly advanced peer-to-peer fundraising platform, called FriendRaiser, to expand their online fundraising efforts.

Launched as MyNavs,, The Navigators will be using Crowdster’s Peer-to-Peer and Third Party Fundraising platform to expand online fundraising opportunities for their staff, as well as others associated with the organization. Among the first to be implemented by The Navigators will be one of Crowdster’s proprietary programs and platforms called Summer Mission Trips where missionaries can raise money to support various ministry trips and outreach efforts. “We are excited about the ease with which Crowdster’s software platform allows our staff and college students to rapidly create and launch hundreds of ministry fundraisers online”, said Kevin Atkinson, Director of Digital Marketing.

To learn more about Crowdster or get a free trial, please click here.

Crowdster will be working with The Navigators on their fundraising project. The Navigator’s mission truly resonates with me as I am also a fellow Christian and missionary. Their work all around the world is nothing short of amazing and they are a major inspiration to me. I work worth with the Missionary Assistance Ministry or “MAM” and we are just one small group out of thousands that help out people in need.

The Navigators happen to be one of the largest ministry groups out there and I sincerely mean that having them working with us is a great honor. Our mission here at Crowdster is to give non-profits the means to easily fundraise so they can go out and help others. With The Navigators, that goal of ours can be accomplished due to The Navigator’s massive outreach and global presence.

I would like to thank The Navigators for choosing Crowdster as their fundraising platform. We hope to exceed their expectations of us and maintain this relationship in future endeavors. The Navigator’s mission is truly a noble cause because they are helping people through faith. Lastly, we at Crowdster look very much forward to working with The Navigators on their mission.

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