Joe Ferraro

A message from our CEO, Joe Ferraro 

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to introduce you to Crowdster.  First & foremost, my wife Hannah, and I are Christian missionaries and for nearly a decade we have been fundraising for our own 501c3, Missionary Assistance Ministry (MAM). We understand the time and effort it takes to raise the funds needed to support and fulfill your organization’s mission.  Our goal is to help organizations lessen that financial burden with Crowdster, a low-cost, and highly effective fundraising solution.  

To show the positive impact Crowdster can have on fundraising, we launched our own Crowdster campaign for MAM.  In a short time we were able to increase our donor base and raise more money to provide food, clothing, education and resources to children and families around the world.  We have seen firsthand what the power of giving can do and the impact that an effective fundraising platform like Crowdster can have on the outcome.


Overall, we LOVE TO SERVE and look forward to serving you and your cause!

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