Crowdster helps non-profits stand out
from the crowd. And get noticed.

We make it easy for non-profits to do what they should be doing. Raising more money more efficiently and effectively through our low-cost online and mobile fundraising platform and service.

Founded in 2007, we have been on the cutting edge of online fundraising technology since the early days of the industry.

Our CEO Joe Ferraro actually runs his own 501C3 non-profit and his mission at Crowdster is to create the ultimate platform and service that doesn’t exist in the marketplace. A subscription-based tool that actually helps non-profits distinguish themselves from what everyone else is doing.

Crowdster is like
a breath of fresh fundraising.

The platform’s unique capabilities enable non-profits to maximize the fundraising power of mobile donations, peer-to-peer relationships, and third party fundraising. These capabilities include visually stunning event templates, easily customizable campaign pages, event promotion and management, event ticketing, mobile wallet transactions, integrated email and social media marketing and so much more.

Crowdster’s ultimate goal is to further the mission of the non-profits we serve. Our clients include the The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Autism Speaks, The Bone Marrow Foundation, Susan G. Komen and The Navigators. And hopefully yours!

Meet the Team:

Our Executive Team and Board is comprised of experts in the fields of Non-Profit Management, Fundraising, Technology, Social Media, Advertising and Finance.

CEO Joe Ferraro

Joe Ferraro

Joe Ferraro possesses a keen understanding of the environment in which non-profits work, the challenges they face, and the critical need for effective fundraising. Prior to joining Crowdster, Joe served in executive roles at non-profit organizations and as a consultant for Arc Mercer, where he worked alongside the executive director and other staff. In addition, Joe and his wife, Hannah, currently run their own 501c3 called Missionary Assistance Ministry (MAM), through which they support orphans in the US, Haiti, Western Africa, India and elsewhere.

Joe also brings to the Crowdster team a long history of achievement in the profit sector, including 20 years of sales and marketing success in the fiercely competitive telecommunications industry. He has held executive leadership roles with professional services, business process outsourcing, and technology start-up companies where he developed high-performance teams that achieved exceptional top-line revenue growth and customer loyalty. Joe is thrilled to combine his passion for worthy causes with his business acumen in order to bring similar success and growth to Crowdster’s customers.

Co-Founder Mark Fasciano
Mark Fasciano

For the past twenty years, Mark Fasciano has focused on building successful technology businesses. After earning his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Chicago in 1996, Mark co-founded Fatwire Software and served as CEO for over a decade, expanding the company to seven countries and $35 million in sales.

FatWire was eventually bought by Oracle, and Mark decided to apply his technical and business expertise to support important social causes. He conceived of the idea for Crowdster with his wife, Marisa, who has worked in the non-profit sector throughout her career. The company’s mission sprang from their desire to harness the power of the Internet to do good.

Mark also serves as CEO of Clarapath, a biotechnology company that he co-founded as a spin-out from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. Clarapath aims to bring its next-generation automated, digital histology systems to mainstream medical practice and research, thus improving the quality of healthcare for millions of people.

Ted Smith
Managing Director, Canrock Venture Capital

Theodore B. Smith, III brings a wealth of business and non-profit experience to the Crowdster team. From 2004-2014, Ted was Chairman and CEO of John Hassall, Inc., a privately held manufacturer of specialty aerospace and automotive fasteners that was successfully sold to Novaria Group, LLC. He currently serves as Managing Director of of Canrock Ventures, an early-stage venture fund, and runs his own investment consulting company, Piping Rock Advisors, LLC.

Ted also sits on several boards, including Global Telecom & Technology, Inc. (GTT); Sentiment Alpha, a hedge fund that harnesses the predictive powers of social media; Rogers Investment Advisors K.K., a Tokyo-based asset management company specializing in Asian alternative investment products; The Alberleen Group, an independent investment bank and merchant banking firm; and Pervino Wines, Inc.

Ted is also actively involved with a number of non-profits, including the Whitney Museum’s Photography Committee, Autism Speaks, and the North Shore Land Alliance. Through this important work, Ted has gained valuable insight into the factors that lead to effective non-profit management and fundraising success.

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